Deadly interview in the Coco Boudoir Newsletter

We were over the moon to be interviewed for the very first Coco Boudoir Newsletter by co-founder Geisha Go Disco of House of Go Disco...

Shopping For Your Shape

Too curvy, too slight, too tall, too short… we've all got issues when it comes to buying a great party dress! Geisha got some tips from an expert who says everyone can enjoy shopping, no matter their shape – just follow some simple rules...

Quite often I am told by women I meet that they are anxious about choosing an outfit to wear to Coco Boudoir, but what is really astounding is my recent realisation of how scared women actually are of going shopping at all for evening wear!

Jade by Double

As a size 16 myself, I empathise with these women, but would like to share a few words of consolation to those who believe there is nothing for them on the high street. You are not alone! In fact, forget high street. Pencil in a Saturday to yourself, jump on a bus and head to Frome to explore the treasure trove of vintage and reproduction vintage stores of Catherine Hill. There are even a couple of adorable tea rooms and cocktail bars for you to rest up and recharge during your day of material worship.

If you can't get out as far as Frome, you need not worry. Deadly Is The Female - the most well-known and respected reproduction vintage clothing retailer in the South West – also run their shop online at

“Being glamorous is mostly about believing in your own femininity and knowing what works for you.” says Claudia Kapp, proprietor of Deadly Is The Female, who offers a one-on-one service to all customers, with a keen eye for finding the inner vintage lady or pin-up queen in you.

“If you are lucky enough to have a generous bust, bottom or both, draw the attention to your nipped in waist. If you have long legs or delicate ankles why not make a feature of them with a pencil skirt and seamed stockings? It's about accentuating your assets, not trying to hide them. Keep this in mind, but remember to maintain a hint of mystery and not flash too much flesh.

Geisha Go Disco by David Partner Photography

Claudia says, “Five simple rules to buying clothes that will transform your image as well as your attitude are as follows….”

1. When shopping for an occasion it is a good idea to wear the underwear you'll be wearing on the night. I almost always recommend wearing some form of shape wear when dressing up. Good foundation garments will help you stand up straight, smooth out your silhouette, remove any of that dreaded VPL and all this will lead you to increased confidence. You'll be amazed at the difference it can make!

2. If you know you'll be going to shops which don't sell shoes, take some heels with you. Chances are you'll be wearing heels when you are all glammed up, so coming out of the changing room in mismatched ankle socks or bare feet won't conjure up that same luxurious feeling! Even if the shoes don't end up matching the dress you'll still get the lengthened leg and posture heels create. I always say go for the highest heels you can manage, you can always make a sneaky swap to flats once you've made your entrance!

3. Try everything on! While you are trying one or two things on, you might as well try on five or six! Clothes can look so different when tried on – a hanger isn't always the best representation. Even if the first thing you try is best, the next few items can cement that and sometimes seeing what doesn't work helps you understand what does!

4. Don't obsess about the size label. This is especially true when shopping for vintage items or in boutiques which stock a range of brands. Sadly there isn't a standard size and they can vary hugely from shop to shop. Vintage sizes were a lot smaller than modern sizing too, so this can seem upsetting. Of course use your size as a guide, but if you end up going up a size or two, don't panic. It is better (and more flattering) to have something that fits you than trying to cram yourself into a size when no one can see the label anyway!

5. Have fun! If you are enjoying yourself it will show in the clothes. Take a good friend with you who will be honest and supportive and have a giggle. If you are not in the right mood it might not be the best time to shop – you'll only convince yourself you look horrid in everything, no matter how gorgeous you look to everyone else!

Genevieve Lvov in the Deadly shop window by Double

If you haven't heard about Coco Boudoir - where have you been! The next evening is on Saturday the 16th of October (that's tomorrow!) and tickets are selling out fast! We can exclusively reveal that the raffle prize we have donated is a goodie bag with some Besame Make up essentials. The line up looks fantastic - here's the poster with all the info you need...

You can also visit the Coco Boudoir Facebook page or thier MySpace page & don't forget to sign up to their newsletter - you can drop them a note on their Facebook with your e mail address!

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