Deadly Models Wanted - all the info is here!

Models Needed!

We are looking for some new faces (and bodies!) for our website.

We believe beauty exists in all different shapes, shades and sizes and we love expressions of individuality but these shoots have a very specific objective. If you are not what we are looking for at the moment this doesn't mean we don't think you are beautiful, just that you are not quite what we are looking for at the moment.

With this is mind we have quite a long list of requirements to help you understand what we are looking for so if you think you fit the bill we’d love to hear from you...

  • Can you get to Frome, Somerset on a Sunday? We usually shoot in the shop on a Sunday and have a photographer and hair and makeup artist so we really need someone who can come to us. 
  • Are you confident and energetic? You don’t have to have had a lot of modelling experience before but you do need to be very comfortable in your own skin and be able to look into the camera knowing you are fabulous!
  • Are you tattoo and piercing free (at least as far as is visible when in swimwear)?* As much as we love these things we have chosen not to use models with them on our website so as not to distract from the clothes - we have found some of our customers focus more on the tattoos than anything else! Cover up makeup is not an option as we can’t risk the damage to the clothes.
  • Are you over 18? We are reasonably flexible on age but you must be over 18.
  • Are you between a UK size 10 and 16? We are passionate about our clothes being available in as wide a range of sizes as possible and do have clothes which fit from a size 6/8 up to a size 20, but we don’t always have everything in all sizes. We will ask for measurements before confirming any dates to ensure we have all the clothes in your size.

If you have answered YES to all of these questions then you could be just who we are looking for!

Please send a current photo of yourself along with some basic info about yourself including dress size to

For our next shoot we are particularly looking for a blonde or red head but we will keep everyone’s details on file.

We are sorry to say that we won’t be able to get back to everyone but if you don’t hear from us this time, you might next time..

*An update on the no tattoos and piercings requirement - something tiny which can be easily hidden could work and anything like a belly button piercing is fine. We are not saying we don't like these things, just that they are not suitable for this project. We will let you know when we do need all your beautiful tattooed ladies <3

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