Ordering & Shipping at Deadly is the Female

First of all, let me start by saying, I can't believe we haven't blogged for such a long time - SO naughty! We have been busy social networking though, so if you miss us make sure you check out our Facebook and Twitter pages!

The first bit of news we have is that you can now select FREE SHIPPING on all UK orders over £150! The website will automatically let you know when free shipping is available - you just need to select the free shipping option when checking out. That's it!

The Free Shipping option is at Step 1 of the checkout, make sure it is selected and continue to check out. You can go review it at Step 2 when selecting your payment options. Once you have paid we cannot apply the free shipping offer if this wasn't done so  please make sure you claim it!

You can see all our shipping info including our returns policy here.

In much less exciting news we have tightened our security for people wishing to pay by card.

When ordering with a credit or debit card you will need to make sure the security code is entered correctly and that the billing address for the card is correct. This just means that we know the card really is yours.

If these do not match, your order will not go through.

While we know entering this info can be boring, we want to make using a stolen card on our website as difficult as possible. We take our and your security very seriously.

You can still choose to have a different shipping address, which is particularly handy if you are usually out when deliveries are usually made!

If you are having trouble placing your order you can e mail us at info@DeadlyistheFemale.com or call us on 01373 469914 Tuesday - Saturday from 10.30 - 4.30 and we will do everything we can to help.

We promise our next blog will be about more fun things - we have a photo shoot this weekend so I'll make sure there are some behind the scenes photos & gossip!

In the mean time here is an amusing out take from our last shoot with the stunning Daisy and our very own GoGo Gomez...

Yep - we don't know what he is doing either, but he's on just 1 leg and it makes us smile...

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