Top Secret Classified info!

We've been super busy beavering away on a top secret project over the last few weeks and we can exclusively reveal to you we will soon be launching a brand spanking new website for your shopping pleasure!

We love our site and it has done us proud, but I can't tell you how excited we are about our new site! It will be easier to use and boy oh boy is it pretty!

In the mean time we have lots of work to do getting everything ready. The good news for you is we'd rather not spend time adding ends of lines so we will be offering 1 item a day over the next few days at extreme discount!

Today's item is the Iron Fist Muerte Peep Toes

Metallic silver shoes with fabulous Day of the Dead Mexican skulls and purple roses, with platform and peep toe.

These stunning heels look fab with jeans or add a touch of drama to your little black dress!

The details on these shoes really makes them extra special, with adorable purple printed lining and even a print on the sole.

We only have 1 pair of Size 6 (UK sizing - this is a US 8.5 and European 39) left.

They were £55 but for today only get 50% off the original price and grab them for £27.50 - only at

And don't forget to check back each day - we'll have a different discount! We'll be selecting from both Sale items offering further reductions AND from fully priced stock - the only thing you need to know for sure is that these discount will be HUGE but only last for 1 day!

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Our little shop is perched at the very top of Catherine Hill.

We fell in love with the hill on our first visit in August 2008 - so much so we opened our shop in November 2008 after only 3 or 4 proper visits and after having no plans at all whatsoever to open a shop! A visit to Richard's shop Epoque tipped the balance and the rest is history!

The thing that really attracted us is the fantastic mix of shops. The hill is full of vintage shops and independent boutiques, some of which have changed over the past 15 months.

One new adittion to the Hill is my cousin's shop Seed which opened this week - a beautiful shop featuring work by a range of emerging artists.

The shop is a beautiful mix of antique and ultra modern all combining together to showcase some truly beautiful work.

Pop in and you'll find jewellery, fabulous knitted cushions, ceramics, art and sculpture.

The Hill is full of wonderful shops, each with their own personality.

The perfect opportunity to explore this unique shopping destination is the Artisan Market, held on the first Sunday of the month through Spring and Summer. The 1st one is on Easter Sunday and includes an Easter Bonnet Competition and we can't wait!

I'll blog soon with details of some of the other shops - you won't find anywhere quite like Catherine Hill!

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I can tassel twirl!

OK - i can do it, but maybe not well! But believe me, i had SO much fun trying!

Last Saturday's Burlesque workshop with Geisha Go Disco was fabulous! She was so warm and funny and instantly put us all at ease with some chat and background history which was really interesting.

Then our glamorous performer launched straight into a demo - just like that. It was amazing to see. I have to say she looked stunning and made it all seem so easy - we were about to find out that is not the case...

Because then it was our turn!

First we learnt how to walk like a performer and then to remove our gloves. We started off huddled together for safety but once the gloves started flying we began to find our confidence and own space.

Next up was the part of the workshop I'd most been looking forward to and dreading - Tassel Twirling! I knew I wasn't brave enough to have a go the 'traditional' way, and couldn't quite summon up the courage to have a go over the bra so my black sequin tassels were stuck on top of my t shirt!

We all attempted a few different styles, starting with the most amusing and leading up to the most spectacular floor position - which i personally was useless at!

If there was any ice left to break it as gone by the end of the first swing of a tassel! Once we got going it was difficult to get us to stop. I don't think anyone nailed it in one go but I bet there was some practicing going on that evening at home!

Then Miss Go Disco treated us to a fan dance demonstration - and it was breath taking! We were all mesmerised and desperate to have a go. We all had a set of mini fans and started with the basics. It was at this point it really hit home just how hard this burlesque lark is. We were in the workshop for fun but these ladies must work so hard and I have a new found respect for them. I'd always admired their courage and performance but I have to admit I underestimated just how much work must go into it!

Then we all got a go with the huge feather fans and boy oh boy these are beautiful but difficult to use! I know I looked like a drunken chicken, but plenty of the girls took to them like a duck to water. I think just about everyone in the group wants a set for themselves - just to look at!

To finish off the evening we learnt the fan routine Geisha had shown us earlier. I did a terrible job copying her but I had a blast attempting it. She was very patient and encouraging and we made it right to the end.

I left the workshop feeling relaxed and with my head held a little higher. This was a fabulous opportunity to see what goes into a Burlesque performance from Geisha Go Disco's point of view and I loved it!

Thank you Gem and all the girls who came along!

New of our next workshop will be on the Deadly is the Female facebook fan page and our web site as soon as we've confirmed everything.

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Burlesque Workshop

I'm off to a Burlesque Workshop with the fabulous Geisha Go Disco this evening. We're in for an evening of learning to fan dance and tassel twirl - and I can't wait!

10 girls all having a giggle and getting dressed up! I did the last workshop with Tuesday Laveau and was shaking with nerves before hand, but left with a giant grin on my face!

Not sure what to wear this time or if I'll be brave enough to attempt the tassel twirling the traditional way... Guess I'll go with separates in case I get swept up in it all with my trusty Pin Up Pencil skirt and maybe a Doris shirt - just because I bought it today and am in lust!

I'll write up this evening soon &let you know how I get on...

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Alice in Wonderland Burlesque Window

We are lucky enough to have 2 beautiful windows and we enjoy finding new ways to dress them. This time we have taken inspiration from Alice in Wonderland!This is how the window looked when we started. We had a over the top boudoir style in with lots of pink & red & even an Edgar Allen Poe poem typed up on a old typewriter... filled with lots of lovely Stop Staring! and Pin Up Couture.Everything has to come out & gets piled up in the shop - that's one reason I try to keep window days separate to open days - I am messy! There were tonnes of staples holding the old window in place so it took ages. After a clean we were ready to go... Of course I had a little helpers - GoGo spent much of his time showing off in the window and charming all the passing school children.
My fluffy clouds might look like a child made them they actually took me forever to make - turns out I am no craft queen! I've been picking cotton wool fluff out of my hair and off my clothes for days!
I'd toyed with the idea of making our Deer 'Cedric' the Mad Hatter but decided he'd make an adorable white rabbit.I also Papier Mached some cakes to get around the problem of rotting food in the window - I'm actually pretty plesased with them! I was going for mini iced victoria sponges. They were a bit ratty around the edges so i finished them off with some pretty ribbon from the adorable haberdashery down the hill ( and some doilies!Last in go some actual things for sale! We have the fabulous Heidi Cherry Dress by Pin Up Couture with a show stopping black petticoat underneath and poison bottle necklace - finished off with Bordello's red velvet Whimsey Boots.
The other window has more clothes and a little less theming - though we did add a 'Eat Me' cake and 'Drink Me' bottle and playing cards (added the morning after the photos!). The trio of outfits starts with the Stop Staring!'s Paris dress in Navy with a silver teapot necklace, a Pin Up Couture navy pencil skirt and the last Trashy Diva red Courtney Jacket and lastly the navy Natalie wiggle dress - all with fabulous red shoesOverall we are really pleased! If you are in Frome please stop by and let us know your thoughts - or comment on our blog!

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Coco Boudoir Burlesuqe night in Bath

We have just about recovered from another fabulous night at Coco Boudoir in Bath last Saturday.

We sponsor the night and offer a couple of prizes in the raffle (this time we had a £25 voucher and a Eldorado Club necklace) so we try to always get over to see it. I have to say, I think this was the best yet.

First up the fabulous compare Countess Assupi was amusing and informative and put us all at our ease. She had the sad news the Keda Breeze would not be headlining as expected due to an anvil grinding accident a few days ago - we hope she gets better soon. Replacing her was the cabaret circus act - Matt Pang.

Starting the evening off with a classy bang was Fifi Fatale - as elegant as ever with her powder box routine, then we had the adorable Fay La Foe doing a cute 20s style housework act. A roller dropped out and she did a fantastic job of not falling over it & was thoroughly enjoyable. A fabulous contrast to Fifi's more traditional charms.

I have to admit I wasn't particularly looking forward to the next act. I can't really say why but I was instantly proved wrong when Jack Woodhead hit the stage. He was utterly likable in a camp northern prince charming sort of a way and truly funny.

Coco De Ville took to the stage next with a lovely Balloon/Martini act - I want her olive pasties - and the first half was completed with a slightly shaky Juggling act by the new Headliner Matt Pang.

During the break we were able to move to a much better table as a couple had left in protest - apparently they were not expecting any Burlesque at a Burlesque night. Turns out they missed out on a cracking second act!

Now I must confess the order might be a little hazy, but I do know Coco Deville's Alice in Wonderland act was fabulous and kept you enthralled, Fifi Fatales 20s style performance was my favourite of hers ever and Fay La Foe did a wonderful upbeat number which made us smile. Jack Woodhead was even funnier, we loved his rambling asides and his sharp wit and Matt Pang's Straight jacket escape while riding a unicycle had us crying with laughter.

All in all it was a great night. I felt wonderful in my new Military dress by Pin Up Couture, the crowd was warm and we had SUCH a giggle!

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