Saturday, 13 March 2010

Burlesque Workshop

I'm off to a Burlesque Workshop with the fabulous Geisha Go Disco this evening. We're in for an evening of learning to fan dance and tassel twirl - and I can't wait!

10 girls all having a giggle and getting dressed up! I did the last workshop with Tuesday Laveau and was shaking with nerves before hand, but left with a giant grin on my face!

Not sure what to wear this time or if I'll be brave enough to attempt the tassel twirling the traditional way... Guess I'll go with separates in case I get swept up in it all with my trusty Pin Up Pencil skirt and maybe a Doris shirt - just because I bought it today and am in lust!

I'll write up this evening soon &let you know how I get on...


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