Saturday, 20 March 2010

I can tassel twirl!

OK - i can do it, but maybe not well! But believe me, i had SO much fun trying!

Last Saturday's Burlesque workshop with Geisha Go Disco was fabulous! She was so warm and funny and instantly put us all at ease with some chat and background history which was really interesting.

Then our glamorous performer launched straight into a demo - just like that. It was amazing to see. I have to say she looked stunning and made it all seem so easy - we were about to find out that is not the case...

Because then it was our turn!

First we learnt how to walk like a performer and then to remove our gloves. We started off huddled together for safety but once the gloves started flying we began to find our confidence and own space.

Next up was the part of the workshop I'd most been looking forward to and dreading - Tassel Twirling! I knew I wasn't brave enough to have a go the 'traditional' way, and couldn't quite summon up the courage to have a go over the bra so my black sequin tassels were stuck on top of my t shirt!

We all attempted a few different styles, starting with the most amusing and leading up to the most spectacular floor position - which i personally was useless at!

If there was any ice left to break it as gone by the end of the first swing of a tassel! Once we got going it was difficult to get us to stop. I don't think anyone nailed it in one go but I bet there was some practicing going on that evening at home!

Then Miss Go Disco treated us to a fan dance demonstration - and it was breath taking! We were all mesmerised and desperate to have a go. We all had a set of mini fans and started with the basics. It was at this point it really hit home just how hard this burlesque lark is. We were in the workshop for fun but these ladies must work so hard and I have a new found respect for them. I'd always admired their courage and performance but I have to admit I underestimated just how much work must go into it!

Then we all got a go with the huge feather fans and boy oh boy these are beautiful but difficult to use! I know I looked like a drunken chicken, but plenty of the girls took to them like a duck to water. I think just about everyone in the group wants a set for themselves - just to look at!

To finish off the evening we learnt the fan routine Geisha had shown us earlier. I did a terrible job copying her but I had a blast attempting it. She was very patient and encouraging and we made it right to the end.

I left the workshop feeling relaxed and with my head held a little higher. This was a fabulous opportunity to see what goes into a Burlesque performance from Geisha Go Disco's point of view and I loved it!

Thank you Gem and all the girls who came along!

New of our next workshop will be on the Deadly is the Female facebook fan page and our web site as soon as we've confirmed everything.


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