Saturday, 20 March 2010


Our little shop is perched at the very top of Catherine Hill.

We fell in love with the hill on our first visit in August 2008 - so much so we opened our shop in November 2008 after only 3 or 4 proper visits and after having no plans at all whatsoever to open a shop! A visit to Richard's shop Epoque tipped the balance and the rest is history!

The thing that really attracted us is the fantastic mix of shops. The hill is full of vintage shops and independent boutiques, some of which have changed over the past 15 months.

One new adittion to the Hill is my cousin's shop Seed which opened this week - a beautiful shop featuring work by a range of emerging artists.

The shop is a beautiful mix of antique and ultra modern all combining together to showcase some truly beautiful work.

Pop in and you'll find jewellery, fabulous knitted cushions, ceramics, art and sculpture.

The Hill is full of wonderful shops, each with their own personality.

The perfect opportunity to explore this unique shopping destination is the Artisan Market, held on the first Sunday of the month through Spring and Summer. The 1st one is on Easter Sunday and includes an Easter Bonnet Competition and we can't wait!

I'll blog soon with details of some of the other shops - you won't find anywhere quite like Catherine Hill!


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