Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Coco Boudoir Burlesuqe night in Bath

We have just about recovered from another fabulous night at Coco Boudoir in Bath last Saturday.

We sponsor the night and offer a couple of prizes in the raffle (this time we had a £25 voucher and a Eldorado Club necklace) so we try to always get over to see it. I have to say, I think this was the best yet.

First up the fabulous compare Countess Assupi was amusing and informative and put us all at our ease. She had the sad news the Keda Breeze would not be headlining as expected due to an anvil grinding accident a few days ago - we hope she gets better soon. Replacing her was the cabaret circus act - Matt Pang.

Starting the evening off with a classy bang was Fifi Fatale - as elegant as ever with her powder box routine, then we had the adorable Fay La Foe doing a cute 20s style housework act. A roller dropped out and she did a fantastic job of not falling over it & was thoroughly enjoyable. A fabulous contrast to Fifi's more traditional charms.

I have to admit I wasn't particularly looking forward to the next act. I can't really say why but I was instantly proved wrong when Jack Woodhead hit the stage. He was utterly likable in a camp northern prince charming sort of a way and truly funny.

Coco De Ville took to the stage next with a lovely Balloon/Martini act - I want her olive pasties - and the first half was completed with a slightly shaky Juggling act by the new Headliner Matt Pang.

During the break we were able to move to a much better table as a couple had left in protest - apparently they were not expecting any Burlesque at a Burlesque night. Turns out they missed out on a cracking second act!

Now I must confess the order might be a little hazy, but I do know Coco Deville's Alice in Wonderland act was fabulous and kept you enthralled, Fifi Fatales 20s style performance was my favourite of hers ever and Fay La Foe did a wonderful upbeat number which made us smile. Jack Woodhead was even funnier, we loved his rambling asides and his sharp wit and Matt Pang's Straight jacket escape while riding a unicycle had us crying with laughter.

All in all it was a great night. I felt wonderful in my new Military dress by Pin Up Couture, the crowd was warm and we had SUCH a giggle!


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