Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland Burlesque Window

We are lucky enough to have 2 beautiful windows and we enjoy finding new ways to dress them. This time we have taken inspiration from Alice in Wonderland!This is how the window looked when we started. We had a over the top boudoir style in with lots of pink & red & even an Edgar Allen Poe poem typed up on a old typewriter... filled with lots of lovely Stop Staring! and Pin Up Couture.Everything has to come out & gets piled up in the shop - that's one reason I try to keep window days separate to open days - I am messy! There were tonnes of staples holding the old window in place so it took ages. After a clean we were ready to go... Of course I had a little helpers - GoGo spent much of his time showing off in the window and charming all the passing school children.
My fluffy clouds might look like a child made them they actually took me forever to make - turns out I am no craft queen! I've been picking cotton wool fluff out of my hair and off my clothes for days!
I'd toyed with the idea of making our Deer 'Cedric' the Mad Hatter but decided he'd make an adorable white rabbit.I also Papier Mached some cakes to get around the problem of rotting food in the window - I'm actually pretty plesased with them! I was going for mini iced victoria sponges. They were a bit ratty around the edges so i finished them off with some pretty ribbon from the adorable haberdashery down the hill ( and some doilies!Last in go some actual things for sale! We have the fabulous Heidi Cherry Dress by Pin Up Couture with a show stopping black petticoat underneath and poison bottle necklace - finished off with Bordello's red velvet Whimsey Boots.
The other window has more clothes and a little less theming - though we did add a 'Eat Me' cake and 'Drink Me' bottle and playing cards (added the morning after the photos!). The trio of outfits starts with the Stop Staring!'s Paris dress in Navy with a silver teapot necklace, a Pin Up Couture navy pencil skirt and the last Trashy Diva red Courtney Jacket and lastly the navy Natalie wiggle dress - all with fabulous red shoesOverall we are really pleased! If you are in Frome please stop by and let us know your thoughts - or comment on our blog!


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