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Burlesque Performers of the South West - Part 1

Here at Deadly is the Female we have decided to pay homage to the wonderful art of Burlesque and this month we will be profiling some of the most talented Burlesque performers in the South West.

By asking a specific set of questions we will be finding out a bit about these very special ladies.

This week the spotlight will be on the enigmatic Fifi Fatale...

Please tell us a bit about yourself, your style and what you do.

My name is Fifi Fatale and I'm a London based burlesque performer.  My performance style is classic, sultry and sensual burlesque inspired by past hedonistic eras and the glamour and indulgence of the 1920's and 30's.  I have been lucky enough to perform on International stages in Italy, Belgium and Ireland as well as across the UK and even the small islands of Jersey and Guernsey!  I am also a regular performer for 'The Tassel Club' at the decadent 'BathHouse' in central London.
My past clients include Universal Films, Renault Clio, Specsavers, a VIP launch of premier nightclub 'The Wright Venue' in Ireland, Bike stuntman Eddie Kid aka 'The Black Knight', the 'London On' film festival and London Fashion Week 2009.
 You can find out more about me and what I do on my website

All of us girls know how important it is to have a great makeup collection, what is your ultimate makeup must have? And why?

I suppose it would have to be a good Eyeshadow and slanted brush for eyebrows. I believe eyebrows frame the face. I always fill in and shape my eyebrows before I step out the door!

'Burlesque' covers many eras of clothing, which would you say is your favourite era of clothing? and why?

Well I adore the eras of the 1920's and 30's. I think I would have to pick the 1930's, as the bias cut silk gowns with beautiful draping are really feminine and glamourous.

Have you ever had an Idol? Who was it and why?

I don't really believe in Idols but there are people who I look to for inspiration and influence and there are too many to list!

How did you come up with your stage name?

 I've always been a fan of the women who are the vamps in life, 1920's vamps, the women from 40's film noirs, even the modern day bond girls.  To me they represent strong women with attitude and I wanted a name to represent that and that I felt was an extension of my personality and who I want to be, (at least on stage!)
I think Fatale sums up my performance style - classic, sensual and sultry. I chose Fifi as it wasn't a name I'd heard of much and I like a first and last name to start with the same letter as I feel it has impact, plus it was a name that just felt right for me.

Stockings or hold-ups?

Stockings, always!

How did you become involved in the Burlesque scene?

People always ask me this and yet I can't really remember any specific point that led me to what I do now. I was into the alternative scene anyway and from this fetish and burlesque are interlinked, so I found out about it from there and instantly fell in love with the glamour and escapism of it all.

Where do you get your inspiration from when choreographing a new show?

Ah, many places! Art, music, film, fashion and past performers.  My style is more towards the 1920's/30's eras so I take a lot of inspiration from Parisian vamps, Erte, Alphonse Mucha, macabre fairy tales, the folies berge etc.  I have no specific way in which I formulate an act but I feel, for me, music is essential. Sometimes I'll just hear a piece of music and ideas will start coming together in my head. Other times I'll be influenced by some art I've seen and an act will form around that.

Tassels or Pasties?

Hhmm I love both. I tend to wear tassels, which doesn't make much sense as I don't tassel twirl!

Is there a particular brand of clothing or designer you prefer to wear?

No. My favourite colour is black though and I'm rarely seen in anything else!

How many pairs of shoes to you own? and which is your favourite?

Many, many shoes! I don't know how many I own. I have a couple of favourite pairs though and they cater to my different interests.  One pair I use for performing, they're 20's style t-bar in dark blue with silver detail (bit difficult to describe without a photo) with about a 4 inch heel, I love them as they look really vintage but were actually from accessorize!   My other favourite pair are really high black patent and snakeskin heels with straps covered in studs. They're very rock and roll!

What style advice would you give to anyone wanting to achieve the Burlesque look?

It's easy to find advice on how to style yourself in a classic 1940's/50's way which is so popular with burlesque - victory rolls, hair snoods, red lipstick, high arched eyebrows and cats eyes eyeliner but I would say be true to yourself and don't follow the crowd. Everyone has their own influences and interests and these should come through in the way you dress, that way you have your own style and you'll stand out more.

and finally

What other projects do you have in the pipeline? Where can we see you next?

At the moment I'm performing a lot in London, so you can see me at places like Proud Cabaret and Volupte. However I co-run Coco Boudoir in Bath and our next show is on August 20th. I will be running the night and performing there, so come and see me! I should have another re-vamped act ready to perform by then.

Thank you so much to Fifi Fatale, for her great answers. We hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we did. And we look forward to seeing her at the fabulous Coco Boudoir in August.

Next week we will profiling the very glamorous Geisha Go Disco.


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