Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Deadly is the Female hit's Vegas

A few days ago, Claudia, the fabulous owner of Deadly is the Female, flew back from a whistle stop tour of Vegas. She was attending one of the biggest trade shows in the world to source some fun new items to add to the Deadly collection. Here at Deadly is the Female we know how important it is for us to be kept up to date with next seasons fashions and all the new goodies coming out, especially in the faux vintage sector. It is important for us to visit all the trade shows so we can be sure to be among the first to bring you the latest fashions......well that's our excuse for a trip to Vegas and we're sticking to it!!

Now those of you who are fans of the Deadly is the Female's Facebook page might have seen Claudia's fashion diary of photo's but there is one very special photo on here that she didn't post....read on for an exclusive photo and quote from Pinup Idol, Bernie Dexter.

We caught up with Claudia when she got back to have a chat with her about her trip and to make sure she didn’t just spend all her time taking pictures of herself in the bathroom mirror!!

Claudia, tell us a bit about your trip to Vegas. What did you get up to on your first day there and more importantly, what did you wear?

Well it was so hot in Vegas that, on the first day, I wore the Black Cherry Dress, as it is cool and easy to wear.

The first half of Day One, I started at Mandalay Bay, where one of the trade shows was being held. The trade shows were in two separate venues up either end of the strip, one was in Mandalay Bay and the other was at the Hilton Hotel so we had to get a shuttle bus between the two. I started at Mandalay Bay quite early as I had an appointment with the Pinup Girl stand. I had a look through their new collection and placed an order for some Pinup Couture and Deadly Dames outfits. I then had a look around the rest of the show to see what was about.
That must have been fun, did you find anything interesting?
Well yes, I did! I spoke to the owner of the beautiful Besame makeup range and discovered their new Rouge (which we now have in stock), and then I hunted down the Lux De Ville stall and ordered some exciting new bags for the shop - some due in this month.
So that sounds like a pretty busy morning, did you make it to the second venue?
Well I thought I would pop down quickly at the end of the day to see what was there, we took the shuttle bus to the Hilton Hotel where the second part of the trade show was being held and had a look at the Stop Staring and Esther Williams swimwear.
So you were in the city that never sleeps (although I think that's New York but hey, I doubt anyone gets much sleep in Vegas either!), what did you get up to in the evening?
In the evening we decided to go to a place called the Cat House.
The Cat House is a burlesque style bar and club at the Luxor Hotel. It was a great place and we enjoyed cocktails and free Vodka till midnight thanks to a very helpful doorman and 2 foxy girlfriends!
Sounds like a great place to end a jam-packed day. So what happened on Day Two?
Well as the weather was still pretty hot  (up to around 42 degrees!!) so I decided to wear the 40's Dress in Olive Floral from last season.
And after a slightly later than planned start we went straight back to the Hilton Hotel where I met the Pinup Goddess, Bernie Dexter.
She was tiny and so lovely. She gave me a massive hug and said that she remembered me from last year's trade show, which was a huge compliment. I placed an order with Bernie Dexter for some exciting new things, so keep an eye on the website for their arrival.  I also re-ordered the Lenora dress in black and added the blue to our collection - they will be arriving in the next couple of weeks - can’t wait! They sold out SO quickly last time and are perfect for the autumn (and I want one!).

After such a busy day we headed out for some Sushi with some of the great people we met at the show, then headed to Frankies Tiki Room for the Pinup Girl party and tiki-tastic cocktails. It was a great night and I brought home some souvenirs to add to my collection from last year.

Wow, you met Bernie Dexter and she remembered you from last year? That must be such an honour.
It was, she is so lovely and absolutely beautiful.  She emailed me after to say how nice it was to see me again and that I had looked like "living art" - needless to say I was over the moon and she made my week!  I have to say, she is one of the nicest people I've ever done business with and I hope we can bring over more and more of her wonderful collection!
That’s amazing! So tell us about the last day, what did you get up to? You must have been sad to leave.
Well it was beautiful weather again so I decided to wear the Red Pinup Couture pencil skirt and black lace bolero (from one of the first collections Deadly is the Female stocked - sadly discontinued now) and a black vest top from H&M.

 I also wore the Rosalie fascinator again (by Nanny K) .....although as it was the last day I decided to go all out and add lots more flowers too.

On Day Three we went back to Mandalay Bay, to make sure I hadn't missed anything. I found a great stall that made Mexican silver jewellery and placed an order with them, they have a stunning collection so keep your eyes peeled for their arrival nearer to the holidays. I had to leave at lunch time to catch my plane so I didn't get time to do much else at the show. I was a little sad to leave but the taxi driver who took me to the airport cheered me up loads, after complimenting me on my outfit and my age! She thought I was 19! She cheered me up and it was a great end to a very productive and fun packed trip.

It sounds like you had a great time in Vegas and it's great to see all the amazing things your wore..... we can't wait till all the orders start arriving. Credit cards at the ready girls!


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