Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Now shopping for 50's style dresses is even easier at Deadly is the Female!

Now you can view size info, our returns policy and delivery info all on the same page - just click the different tabs to get all the info you need without leaving the page!
*We are working on adding specific size info for each product - please bear with us until we get to them all! In the mean time you can see a general size guide here still!

Choose an info tab to get the info you want without leaving the page!

You might have also noticed that you can 'Like' it, 'Tweet' it or 'Pin' it directly to your page. We love to social network and are a little obsessed with Pinterest right now so we are very excited about this!

You can now add items to a Wish List - just sign in!

We have also included a Wish List - You can now add items you love to a Wish List - rate their priority, send your list to other people (great for hinting!) and search for your friends wish lists too (great for buying gifts!)
All you need to do is sign into your account and click the magic wand!

Blaize dress by Bernie Dexter

'What else?' We hear you ask... Well now you can also view items by some of our popular brand - so if you know you love Pinup Couture or Trashy Diva you can click on the brands link on the left and see everything we currently have in stock by that brand!

We've also made some cosmetic changes and coming soon - we will have recommended products, so if you love the skirt pictured with the shirt it'll just be a click away! Or if you'd like to know which shoes we think match well - you can just click!


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