Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Behind the scenes of a Pinup photo shoot at Deadly is the Female

We had a photo shoot for the website on sunday - shooting brand new goodies from Stop Staring! Trashy Diva, Pinup Girl, Esther Williams and SO much more.

We like to keep you all updated so if you are a Vine user, you might have spotted our behind the scenes videos. If not, we've collected them all below so you don't miss out on the glamour or hilarity!

This is Daisy who was our 60's sex kitten for the day. She is wearing the Monica Dress in Turquoise.

This is Katie, who we styled to look more 1940s and she is in the brand new Honey Dress in purple (coming soon to the website)

Also in brand new Trashy Diva, Gracie, our 50's doll, is modelling the Trixie Dress in Peacock (online soon) with a raspberry chiffon petticoat. She said she felt like a My Little Pony - an excellent style icon we think!

Back to Daisy now...

This time she is in the brand new Green Velvet Classic 50's swimsuit. Again this isn't yet online (this week hopefully!) but you can see the rest of the collection here.

Photoshoots at Deadly are a lot of hard work but also just so much fun!

This short clip shows Katie in the brand new Stop Staring Grand Dress - available now!

The final look we captured was Gracie dressed as a classic 50's style sailor girl pinup...

Here she is in the (new and not yet online) Sally skirt paired with the Lauren Shirt in White by Pinup Couture.

Photos were by Kevin Mitchell and Hair and Makeup by Lolita Noir. Huge thanks to them both and of course our beautiful models, Daisy, Katie & Gracie.

Lauren at Lolita Noir is also a big Vine fan - she captured a bit of the feel behind the scenes....

We couldn't have a photo shoot without having an outtake! It was a long day with lots to get through. Daisy decided to speed things up with a quick petticoat change - here is what happened...

We hope you have enjoyed your tour behind the scenes of our pinup photo shoot. If you use Vine be sure to look us up - search for Deadly Female and Lolita Noir!


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