Thursday, 24 July 2014

Information about vouchers and coupons at Deadly

Well, it has been an outrageously long time since I blogged. I am a bad, bad girl and I am very sorry.

I am determined to blog more - I think little and often might be the key!

The thing that has inspired me to get back into it is some recent confusion over voucher and coupon codes.

As you may well know, Deadly is a pretty tiny company (in the grand scheme of things, in my life it is huge!) and so we try to keep our prices as low as possible all the time while balancing high quality and hard to find items that will make you feel a million bucks. We occasionally run special offers, when we have something to celebrate like our 5th birthday last year or when we want to say thank you, like when we hit 50,000 likes on Facebook! These always run for a limited time- sometimes a few hours to a few days and we try to always make this clear but sometimes you may need to check the date on the post.

It seems that some voucher code websites pick these codes up - which is great - we are happy for as many people as possible to benefit, but they keep them long after the coupon has expired. They also make it look like the code is still valid which can lead to a disappointed customer - and that is the very last thing we ever want!

So please keep this in mind when you use these sites and if you are having any difficulty or confusion please drop us an email at and we will do whatever we can to help!

Well, that was a fairly dry return to blogging blog post. But hopefully it is some useful information that might help avoid some disappointment.

Here is a photo of Daisy and I behind the scenes on our last photo shoot to help brighten things up a little!

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Thanks for reading & we promise to blog more!



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