Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Wet and Stormy Artisans Market

On the morning of Sunday 5th June 2011, the heavens opened and thunder and lightning streamed across the sky. But did this stop the people of Frome supporting the events happening in their town that day?......Nope!..... Not at all!

It was a very special day for Frome, as not only did we have the ever popular Artisan Market, the Frome Flea Market's second appearance (and it's proving to be just as popular as the Artisan Market) it was also the third appearance of the fun filled Cheap Street Fair too.

                                                Frome's Flea Market

The Cheap Street Fair is in its third year now and even on a wet and windy day; it was still as busy as ever. This year's happenings at the Beach Themed Cheap Street Fair included beachy rides for the children, like the swing boats, live music, mouth-watering food and from the look of FromeTV's pictures, lots of fun and a few glasses bubbly.

Even, Deadly is the Female's resident poet, the delectable Muriel Lavender, was meandering between the three events. Looking stunning, as usual, Muriel was out promoting the Burlesque Night that is now happening on a monthly basis at Frome's Westway Cinema, organised by the enigmatic and ever so talented Venus Noir.

Here at Deadly is the Female, it was a special day too. Claudia and Gomez were taking a little break so the shop was looked after by the fabulous Tamara Dibsdale and Lolita Noir. It was a busy day for all and a remarkable sight to see so many people out to enjoy all the festivities, even in such terrible weather.

Tamara, dressed in the Sadie Dress in Bows Print, and Lolita Noir, wearing in the Billion Dollar Baby Dress in Black and the Pink Satin pumps, were on top form that day. They welcomed everyone in from the rain, to the fun and cheerful sounds of Imelda May, the Baseballs and maybe a little Britney!

Among the most popular items that day was the Doris Shirt in Black and Red and the Natasha Dress in Cherries. Not to mention the amount of compliments the Summer Dress, that is currently in the window, got.

Once again, the people who supported the Frome Festivities are to be congratulated. They truly made, what could have been a total wash out (pun intended!), a fun filled day.


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