Monday, 9 May 2011

The Artisan Market Is Back!

The 1st of May 2011 welcomed the return of St Catherine Hill's highly-anticipated Artisan Market, and it certainly didn't disappoint!  The weather was glorious and the people also: it never fails to amaze us, the support generated for what is now considered such a town treasure.

The day started for us when we opened our door at 10am, and was filled with the hustle and bustle that we love from the market till way past 2pm, when the market was supposed to finish.  There was an amazing turnout of local people and visitors from all over the country; we even had a lady who'd come all the way from Scotland in the shop at one point!


On such a hot spring day there was much interest in our beautiful tea dresses, especially the '40's Dress', modelled on the day buy the shop's stylish owner, Claudia.

The 'Rose dress' was a particular favourite too: even our resident poet Muriel Lavender couldn't resist trying it on!

Muriel was in high spirits that day.  "I love our Artisan Market - especially the first one of the year," she told us.  Delighting the visitors with her eloquent and audacious poems, not only at the Artisan Market, but also down at the brand new 'Frome Flea' market, held outside the library.  "I spent the whole morning flitting between the two," Muriel says.  "I even met some fans, which was exciting!"  And of course here at Deadly is the Female, we're one of her biggest! 

Recently Claudia teamed up with Frome TV to interview Muriel for 'Sex & the Picnic Forecast at Deadly is the Female' - a most popular feature which showcases Muriel's talent for words and sassy clothing.  This witty film can be seen on the Frome TV website.

The shop was buzzing with activity that day, helped along by the glamorous Muriel at the Artisan Market.  As she told us, "You can be sure I did right by the ladies - taking care to direct them all to the top of the hill, where they could treat themselves to something divine at Deadly is the Female.  Naturally I rounded off my morning there as well!  Understandably, of course: I simply had to buy the 'Satin Pumps in Pink', which I wore for our Frome TV interview.  I couldn't help myself!" To see the interview, and Muriel wearing the Satin Pumps in Pink, click here.

And they are definitely popular heels!  In five different colours, black, green, red, pink and leopard, there's a style for every occasion.  The Black and Pink ones went down especially well that day.

We're so excited about the return of the Artisan Market and the amazing turn out for the first one, that we can't wait for the next one on the 5th June.  So make sure you pop down and say hello!  We can't think of a better was to spend our Sunday - can you?

 Pictures by: Jade and Ed Thomas - Doubleshot and Frome TV


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