Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Night Of Burlesque, 23rd April 2011

On Saturday the 26rd of April, Deadly is the Female donned their feathers and flowers for a night at the fabulous Coco Boudoir at Chapel Arts in Bath.
As always, the night was full of fun and frivolity, hosted by the ever so regal and oh-so saucy Countess Arseuppi and headlined by the amazingly original and talented Diva Hollywood, whips n’all.

Other acts included the amazing voice and presence of Laura Mai (pictured above), the enchanting Domino Burlesk, the incredible Flaming Feathers (with a fantastically vigorous rendition of the screaming Cancan) and the two of the co-creators, the enigmatic Fifi Fatale and statuesque Geisha Go Disco, who gave a brand new meaning to the balloon dance!
The sold out show was jammed with an electric and buzzing crowd, who, clothing wise, definitely rose to the occasion. We just love seeing the fashions that people show off at Burlesque nights, and let’s face it, if you can’t show off at a Burlesque night, where can you?

 What was more exciting for us was seeing how many people were wearing clothes and accessories either from or stocked by Deadly is the Female, one of which, the ‘30’s Bombshell Dress’, actually reached the top 3 in the ‘Best Dressed’ competition. And it was great to see the effort that some of the ladies went to, lots of slinky 40’s and 50’s inspired dresses, like the ‘Madmen dress’, were flaunting curves all over the place! and of course, as it was such a lovely, hot day, there were some elegant, floral tea and circle dresses, like the beautiful ‘40’s Dress’ worn by the dazzling creator of Deadly is the Female, Claudia, and the enchanting ‘Peacock Skirt with black Chiffon Petticoat’. They all gave the night a lovely spring feel.

So top marks for the Ladies! Although… we did decide that the men should really put a bit more effort into their clothing next time! They can’t expect to be in a room filled with exquisite women dressing in slinky clothing and not make the effort! That being said, there were 1 or 2 that get gold stars from us with their quirky and debonair attire. So come on men, be a bit more dapper, it’s not that hard…a simple 3 piece suit and bow tie is perfectly acceptable and maybe even adding a pair of spats would make the outfit a bit nattier. And you can’t go wrong with a hat, be it top hat, bowler or trilby, just as long as you raise it for the ladies.

All in all it was a great night, filled with energy and laughter and we all left in high spirits, provoking a ‘Grease’ sing-a-long on the way home. If you haven’t been to Coco’s then where have you been?! It’s on bi-monthly, so there’s no excuse, show off the Deadly Female in you and get yourself down there!


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